Kittens for sale ! Longhair and Shorthair Scottiish Fold & Scottish Straight Kittens !


Breeding program Marmorensy Cattery

Planned litters - 2012.

Romero Factory of Marmorensy

Kinross`s Maxin of Marmorensy

[pic][c][roma_mini.jpg] [pic][c][maxin-4.jpg]
Red spotted tabby & white (d2403) Blue classic tabby & white(a 2203)

Sarbon Tan Esperada of Marmorensy

World Champion
Ito-Hime of Marmorensy

[pic][c][boni_mini.jpg] [pic][c][ito.jpg]
Blue classic tabby&white (a2203) Black tortie harleguin (f 02)

Unito Carino of Marmorensy

Champion (MFA)
Jollycat`s Kleopatra
McBustear of Marmorensy

[pic][c][u-mini.jpg] [pic][c][paty-1.jpg]
Black Classic Tabby & white
(ns22 03)
Brown spotted torbie & white
(f 2403)

To sighn for the kitten from the cats thet you are interesting in you should send your application to the following e-mail adress